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140x25mm Standard Deck Profile

Standard length is 3 meters. Dimension changes are made according to customer`s request.

  • The top surface is dense and fine grooved, Lower surface is wide and deeply grooved 4 chambers.
  • Optionally, both sides are given an aged look with a brush.
  • According to usage one of the two surfaces is preferred
  • With two different faces and four color options, it offers design options.
  • The deck profile which is used in combination with the lower frame profile and edge closing profiles, it is suitable for mounting and designing as required in the field of application.
  • Projerd Wooden Composite products relieve you of hidden maintenance costs that arise afterwards.
  • The Deck Profile provides you with all the advantages of Wooden Composite material.
  • It doesn’t splinter and crack.
  • It provides a non-slip surface.
  • Outdoors weatherproof, long life.
  • It isn’t affected by water and moisture.
  • Easy installation
  • Incorruptible, paint and varnish are not required.
  • It is environment friendly and it protects the natural resources.
  • It is completely recyclable.

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