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Adjustable Pedestal

PLASTIC RAISED FLOOR PEDESTALS that are used in the trafficable and non-trafficable flat roofs, in order to reach the desired final level and to remove the slope difference. The purpose here is to make the top coat flooring without placing a protection alum on the insulation, and to establish a consistent drainage system by means of the open joint gaps of the floor cover. At the same time, these pedestals establishing a system, which is open to interference any time, are also quite durable with their minimum bearing capacity of 900 kg. 

Tile pavement or Lath pavement is possible with either placing auxiliary equipments or joint strips/carcass assembly equipments on top pedestal unit’s holes and adjustable gaps.


Coupler must be used when system is longer than 225 mm.
These auxiliary parts can be applied more than one at the same unit.
Electirical lines and water lines can be attached easily on the units. This system gives technical benefits and clear transportation.

Extruding lock is usually used in high grades. This equipment avoids adjusment corruptions caused by long run vibrations.

There is no need to stabilize the bottom pedestal on the surface due to its broad diameter. Still there are number of gaps for making unit stable if desired. Corner and edge details have trim lines to solve distance problems. Bottom edges have bevels to give smooth touch on insulation.
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