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Auxiliary Products of Raised Floor Pedestals

T-S (Calibration Gasket)Accuracy gasket, made from EPDM, has 1mm and 2mm thickness alternatives and made for avoiding calibration problems of tile pavements. It is placed between coating and plates which helps to absorb vibration. It is recommended to use with every plate modules. They can be divided in 4 smaller pieces.


T-SF (Joint Strips)
Fixed joint strips have alternatives of 3, 5, 7 and 9mm. This products can be sit on square formed holes and become stable.It is better to use them on perfect measured with a set square paveing products.

T-ST (Joint Strips)
Joint strips have a selection of 2, 4, 6 and 8mm thickness alternatives and it is 360 degrees turnable. Besides these products (16mm of height standard), there is also a 38mm height and 4mm thickness alternative is available.

T-SA (Joint Strips)
Conical form joint strips are used for covering products that have angle on side lines. It is used for protecting lap joints.

T-SP (Joint Strips)
TPlus shape formed joint strips can be sit in the middle of pedestal and have 4mms thickness. This module can be dividedin four different pieces that makes easier to use them on though surfaces. Application can be speeded up with this module. 

T-AW (Carcass Assembly Equipment)
Firstly, regarding to anticipated distance in terms of reference, Carcass Assembly Equipment is assembled on carcass with auxiliary screws. Secondly, it is put on the center of pedestal with carcass (Push-on system). It is possible to use all measurments of carcass for this system, even 1cm!

T-SC (Slope Correctors )                                   
Slope Correctors, sit under bottom pedestal, avoids all impacts from drain slopes. 1% and 2% alternatives are available.

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